On Gender Roles For Kids

My first published piece is on Role/Reboot!
I’ve been thinking a LOT about my childhood, in which I had spiked hair and a tail (oh yes, a tail. In my defense, it was 1991 and 3/5 of the New Kids on the Block had them). I think I’ve finally figured out what it was all about. (Click the screengrab below for the full post.)


2 thoughts on “On Gender Roles For Kids

  1. Thank you for this article. I can’t say that I experienced what you did but the message about letting kids like what they want to like and letting them investigate something you don’t quite understand is truly an important one. I would like to go on but I think I am limited in characters. 🙂

  2. YES YES YES I am screaming inside! So many of your sentiments are so similar to mine as I remember them in childhood. Spiked hair was a must (with a tail for me) and being a boy was on my ultimate wish list. To not wear a shirt in summer (which equated to boyhood, although at the time I definitely didn’t understand, we were all flatchested, so why bother?) I also love my female body, but not the rules others put on it. I wore boxers as underwear all the way through college and ribbed tank tops as ‘bras’ while other’s discovered Victoria’s (not so) secret. I had a skateboard, I wanted an electric car race track, Legos were my main toy and a bike that wasn’t pink. This line you wrote: “I was presented things in terms of black-and-white (or, in this case, pink-and-blue) and decided on blue. I demanded short hair and refused ruffles” is SUPERB. My mom tells me over and over how many dresses I ruined as a baby/toddler tearing off lace. My first on-purpose, chosen dress was to graduate high school. I played with boys all the time and never understood girls’ caddy-ness (in my school , this was true-true) I never imagined having children and boys were a sidenote in terms of relationships—my admiration was about their speed at track day or the cool colors of shoes (vs. idiot teal nikes that I was given as a ‘choice’ for my girl feet). I am still an adamant pink-hater (residual from childhood, I am sure) and prefer non-pastels by prinicipal. I love my womanly powers but hate the relegations of laws on our bodies. To be a boy would be so so easy!

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