A Note From The Future

Dear Younger Emily,

In the future, you become a writer, but sadly not the cool kind that has a small cottage in the countryside. You used to write ads in Chicago, and now you write content for a big tech company in the Bay Area. People have heard of it, no big deal.

The words you write for money are concise and scrutinized. This blog is your outlet for words that are…let’s say free-spirited.

You used to have a fun little blog called EJS is Me. That’s here. This new blog has plans to be a little more serious, a little more thoughtful–sort of a place to talk about the things you learn, as you learn them. Don’t worry, things will stay silly and awkward. Just with more rants about feminism (the real kind, not the kind Rush Limbaugh thinks exists).

I won’t always talk to you specifically. Or maybe I will. I don’t know, this blog is new still, and I decided they were right: done is better than perfect. So here’s the new blog.


Older Emily

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