Gifs for the Heartbroken

How your heart (and brain and stomach and kidneys) might feel right now:

What you probably feel like doing when someone says “Just be happy!”:

You may think, how long until I get to feel okay again?

It might even feel like everything is crumbling and no one gets it and no one has dealt with what you’re dealing with.

But in truth, everyone has been there. Even people who are happy right now have been there, too.

And they all can tell you that it’s absolutely acceptable to feel however you feel. Whether it’s:


or just

Because we’re here to pull you up out of the mud when you’re ready.

Some people will be better at comforting you than others.

Just surround yourself with those who only make you feel awesome.

And one day your brain will be normal again.

You’ll look back and think, why was I even sad?

Then you can go seek out a love interest who makes you feel awesome, too.

In the meantime, seek shelter with those who love you most.

For we shalt protect you from harm.

And we will also sing as much karaoke with you as necessary.

Because that’s what friends are for.

Trust me.